About us

What is Authentic World?

Having more than 25 years of collecting experience, we provide an absolutely crucial service. Thanks to us, every collector can be sure of the collectible item's authenticity.

Why was Authentic World founded?

We are aware of the fact that a collectible item's value is directly influenced by the verifiability of its origin. We have many times experierenced that the process of proving is often very problematic.

For whom is Authentic World?

For all those, who want to own collectible items of an unquestionable origin and authenticity. What is more, their reliability is in case of item selling or exchanging hereby much higher.

Event calender

There are no scheduled events at the moment.

Our service

Every item is signed or handed over in the presence of an Authentic World member. The act of signing or handing over is documented by photography or a video. Afterwards is the documented item provided with a hologram sticker which includes a unique registration code. This items code is then registered in the Authentic World database. The item owner receives a certificate of signature authenticity or an item transfer. Every certificate is unique and signed by the Authentic World owner in person.

An important component of every certificate is a QR code. Scan it and you can easily get all information you need about a collectable item.


Do you attend various sports events or concerts?

Do you always hope to meet your idol or a famous person there?

If so, then it is important to be prepared and what is more, well equipped for such situations.

AW COLLWEAR comes with a unique solution.

Purchasing an AW COLLWEAR Set, you get a specially designed T-shirt & pen set. There is a space for signature on the T-shirt so that you can have it easily signed by your idol.

Having this unique AW COLLWEAR Set you will never miss such an opportunity again.

The AW COLLWEAR Set enables us to turn this moment into a lasting memory.


Basically, anything can be certificated. Things of various athletes: jerseys, trading cards or AW items signed by celebrities. The signed items should not be smaller than 3x3 cm so that a hologram mark can be placed on it.

In individual case sis it basically possible - under certain conditions set by AW (photography of participants and a confirmation letter by the given person).

Yes, you can. We are happy to arrive for your event after a prior arrangement.

Yes, the process of a signature certification or an exchange is only possible in the presence of an AW member.

We will be glad to make T-shirts according to your wishes. A limited-edition perfectly fitting to your event can be created.

We will do our best to employ all our experience and connections to get you your item.

We are focused on the area of the Czech republic at the moment. We are planning, however, to offer our services outside the Czech republic in the future.

Definitely yes, for many reasons. The main one is a hologram mark which is, besides other things, legally bound to copyright and industrial property. It has got a safety VOID layer and it cannot be replaced without being visibly damaged. Once the hologram mark is removed a visible film, so-called VOID remains on the material. Apart from that, it has got its serial number which is registered in the AW database. This database includes certification details, including photo documentation.

We help

While founding Authentic World one of our main goals was to make collecting more trustworthy a find a way how to do a good deed through collecting. For this reason, charity became an essential part of Authentic World. We ensure you that part of every certified item is a financial contribution for charity purposes.

Thanks to the collaboration with Authentic World, every subject is entitled to send more financial means to a charitable purpose of your choice.

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